Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zack's first doctor visit

Today Zack visited the doctor for the first time and it was all good news.  He weighs 9 pounds 8 ounces, so he's regained his birthweight and then some.  The doctor was pretty impressed with this.  I am so impressed with my own breasts for getting Zack past this milestone.  Let's see if they can keep up with him as he grows even bigger.

I was incredibly relieved to find out he was okay, because we had a little incident as we were leaving.  Zack was fussy and not feeling great, so I swaddled him to calm him down.  He calmed instantly, and then as I was just about to put him in his carseat, he suddenly spit up so much milk, all over the place, that it was really astounding.

Dramatic reenactment of Z's projectile spit up

The sight of so much liquid coming out of his little head, while the rest of his body was somewhat immobilized by his Swaddle Me, was really strange looking. I had to change him, change myself, and clean the kitchen floor.

Then when we got to the doctor's office, he was all red.  I was getting really worried.  But two easy explanations.  The spitup?  Well, I fed him a bit too much in my hurry to get out of the house.  He kept crying that he was hungry, so I topped him off with a bottle of expressed milk, just about a half an ounce.  And that overloaded him, and then I jostled him a bit, I guess.  So up it all came.  The redness?  It's hot.  By the time the doctor showed up, he was back to his usual rosy glow and she said his color looked great.

Dramatic reenactment of Dr. Whang's examination.
(She actually did pose for this picture, because I forgot
to take one during the actual exam.  Dr. Whang is cool!)

Our fabulous doctor, Dr. Whang, pronounced Zack "perfect."  She said he can now sleep four hours between feedings.  She also said to keep him away from crowded areas until he gets his first shots.  Naturally, we're taking him on a plane trip to Rhode Island before those shots.  I had no idea this was a thing to be wary of!  I just hope no one on the plane has polio.


DCD said...

Dr. Whang is way cool! That's pretty funny that she posed for that shot.

Awesome job Julie's boobs! That is great that he is over his birth weight.

Man, I know you guys know this and everything, but he is soooo beautiful. That first shot - his skin is just perfect!

Julie said...

Yeah, we just stare and stare at him. He's a looker. He's turning into a bit of a redhead. And he has a dimple! He has one dimple on his left cheek. I have one on my right cheek. I love that he got that!

Julie said...

In case people do read these comments, I just want to say that these Pampers are from the diaper cake Trish got us for our shower. And well, I'm a convert. I think I'm canceling the diaper service. The idea of cloth diapers was nice, but what's nicer is hearing the baby take a gigantic crap and knowing that it won't end up on my dress, the Boppy cover, and everywhere else. Turns out Pampers are the real deal. They don't leak. And we have tons of them now thanks to Trish.

JPX said...

Our first Ben problem was that he wasn't pooping. We finally brought him in and the doctor put a thermometer in his anus, which instantly produced an ice cream cone-like swirl of poop. Problem solved.

DCD said...

Love a dimple! Jake has a dimple and I have no idea where it came from. Pretty funny.

I applaud the idea of cloth diapers - but, yeah - Pampers are the best. And the laundry is bad enough without adding cloths covered in poop to the mix!

JPX said...

Cloth diapers? We're not cavemen! Do they even make cloth diapers? Are you guys already getting weird with your kid? =)

Jules said...

Love, love, love the postings. Does sorta rack me with a bit o' guilt about not keeping sufficient track of Isabelle's homecoming though! :) Seriously wanted to pick up on your comment about bringing him to RI so young -- that is really HUGE of you two. We will absolutely do everything we can to feather the nest for when you land -- Dana/Casey/me are already planning to team up so you have a bouncy, a never-been-used pack & play, a changing pad, extra diapers (bravo on the switch to pampers - I concur & did same for Izzy), a baby bathtub etc. Anything else we can assemble to make it easier for you two - we're game. Think about it and let us know. Meantime, kiss that beautiful boy for me. xo, Jules

Julie said...

Thanks, Jules! We got your package today. The clothes are soooo cute! Funny, but I was just saying, "I wish we had some cookies in this house," and then a box of them arrived in the mail! Whoohoo!

Julie said...

And by the way, where are you finding time to put together packages with a newborn in the house?

I'mnotMarcbutmyboyfriendis said...

that's one big-motha outtie zack is sporting in the first pic.

Julie said...

His cord hasn't fallen off yet. Give the little dude a break!