Thursday, June 19, 2008

Giving a shout out to my hardware

I thought it was worth mentioning that all the pictures you're been seeing are courtesy of my new Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS camera that Julie and her mom went in on as an early Father's Day/birthday present for me. They reckoned it was better to get it early so it was around for Z's arrival, and I believe I've proved them right. It rocks. Jules has a good digital camera but it's quite bulky in comparison. This one fits in my pocket.

I've been meaning to post about this for a while, since before the kid got here actually. Julie thought it was pretty weird that my first act with the new device was to take a picture of it, but look how cute and thin it is! And blue! Can I Vanna White or what?

Of course, you don't tune in to see my mug, so here's a couple pics of Zack from Father's Day.

I think this pose is sort of... regal. Except maybe for the pacifier.


Julie said...

I'm so glad we got you that camera, and it's awesome that you love it and use it so much. Especially since you use it to document our beautiful son's life.

Now, will blogs be around when Z is grown up? Or is a blog going to be like a cassette tape, and we'll have to get all this into some other format to share it with adult Z?

DCD said...

Good god, I hope not Julie. Eventually I am going to start one of these, of course, byt then they will probably be out of style and no one will care anymore. *sigh*

Seriously - Zack looks like a much older baby, I cannot get over how he doesn't have the little old man look about him.

Oh yeah - nice camera!!