Friday, June 06, 2008

Zack to arrive on Tuesday, has giant head

Yeah so we went for another ultrasound yesterday, which is standard when the kid's late, and Zack's head measurement was described to us as "off the charts." Since I happen to know that at least one of my cute little nephews was described the same way, we're confident we're not going to have a freak baby. However, his head size plus his estimated weight of 9 1/2 pounds means he's going to be delivered by C-section for sure. The date is set for Tuesday the 10th at 6 pm.

There's a chance it could be sooner. We may try to reschedule for earlier that day, and on Sunday we're going in for an NST (Non Stress Test). If there's undue stress, they'll get him out that day. And of course if Jules goes into labor over the weekend we'll haul ass over there and C-section ahead of schedule. But we had an NST today and everything is too cool for school in there.

It was kind of relaxing, sitting there in the recovery room listening to Z's heartbeat for 30 minutes or so. Every time he moved around we could hear it; sounded like when someone calls you but then puts their phone in their pocket. I said that I imagined him tapping on a little microphone in there and Julie cracked "What is it with the womb? Am I right?"

The ward was unusually crowded, so even though we're anxious to see him it was kind of good that today wasn't the day. On the other side of a dividing curtain was a young Indian woman who had just given birth; she was waiting for a room upstairs to clear out and she was still there when we left.

In addition to the that, our doctor was oddly candid about how he was wrung out and had to get out of town today to clear his head. I guess that's another reason it's good that it didn't need to happen today. That's not a state you want someone in when he's wielding a very sharp knife over you.

When we left the house today we didn't know how this would turn out, so we packed the bags in the car and Julie refrained from eating or drinking anything starting at midnight last night. As soon as the NST test was done we were at Bob's Big Boy down the street for pancakes.

I'm digging June 10th as a birthday. And I was born on a Tuesday myself.


Landshark said...

Hm. Now I want pancakes.

Can't wait to meet Zach.

Julie said...

Just to clarify, it apparently isn't just the size that's an issue. I'm also not anywhere near being in real labor. No real contractions, no dilation...I won't bore the boys with the rest of the details. If I were having a big baby and was actually starting to labor, that would be one thing. If I were just late and had a smaller baby, that would be another thing. But I'm continuing to cook a freeloading giant in my uterus, and the bigger he gets, the more it alarms the doctors. I am a great environment, so who wants to leave? I'm just a pro at being pregnant. But not at giving birth, I guess. If he keeps on growing, he's going to blow a hole the size of Texas right through me on the way out, and he might get wrecked, too! So the doctor said today that he didn't even want to try it naturally. Zack is going to be evicted!

Peter said...

You guys are too funny--love reading the comments and can't WAIT for little Zee to make his GRAND entrance!!!!! 10lbs4oz is the record to beat try and top that! ~ C&P

Daniel said...

So adorable.

I have 3 myself, and know the feeling.

See you at AFOC sometime.

Thank you for sharing.

Daniel Manahan