Monday, June 16, 2008

Zack comes home

On Saturday we brought Zack to his new house and showed him around. Here he is in his rocket shirt given to us by Kathy and Sarah. Zack's least favorite things are having his shirt or diaper changed, so he started out the trip pretty honked off.

And then he got more honked off while Tara the helpful nurse showed us how to buckle him into his car seat. Yeah, he hated that.

This pic is a bit gratuitous but I was all excited about my perfect level of preparation. Car parked, door open, seat forward, car seat ready, picture taken...onward!

With all the commotion enough time had passed that Zack was hungry again, and Jules had to fake him out with a finger. If he was thrilled to be outside for the very first time he didn't tell us.

But he did let us know that he likes driving in the car by promptly conking out. I drove about 15 mph the whole way home.

Here we are crossing the threshold...

...and here we are seconds later in Zack's room, parked in the glider chair Julie's grandmother got us. All that work going into his room and it wasn't nearly complete until this moment. Shortly after this I took a nap and Zack further completed the moment by peeing and spitting up on all kinds of stuff, including his rocket shirt, the crib we got from Tekla and Bruce, and the new Boppy we got from my sister Casey.

Feeding completed, we wrapped the sleepy traveller in his monkey blanket. (Monkey blanket courtesy of Grandma.)


DCD said...

OMG, seeing all this is soooo great! I don't feel like I'm missing too much.

It also makes me want to get going on my own blog, although I'm not sure we all need blow-by-blow accounts of my kids. "Here's Jake making a silly face...AGAIN."

Anonymous said...

The miracle of life reveals itself in the tiny expressions of a newborn child. Congratulations on your miracle he is so adorable.

Jackie Hall

Julie said...

For the five days we were in the hospital, we were so amazed and blown away by Zack and his beauty and his coolness. And then when it was time to go home, we realized, "Wow, and we get to KEEP him??? Amazing!!!"

DCD said...

PS - Julie, just wanted to comment that you look awesome in these pics - way to rock the post-baby bod!

Jules said...

This is my friend's website. She does great work with kid's clothes and seeing the rocket shirt made me think of sending you this link.

(Julie from facebook)