Sunday, May 22, 2011

More pics

Daddy's big shirt

Silly boys

Happy belated St. Pat's

Studying for real estate with a very sick, streppy Zack

The Peterson Automotive Museum gift shop.

As any reader of this blog knows by now, we are finally settling into our new schedules after a rough couple months of transition. I'm really liking my new job, except that I still miss seeing Zack earlier in the day. And after a botched attempt with a crappy Montessori school, we finally found an excellent local preschool for Zack, where he is having a blast.

We've been trying to do fun stuff every weekend, and the car museum turned out to be a big hit. We also continue to visit my mom weekly in the nursing home where she is doing rehabilitation. She seems to be recovering and should get news about when she can go home soon.

Jeff's working at a very cool show now and it seems like more jobs are lining up for the future, fingers crossed. Meanwhile, all exciting writing prospects for me shriveled up and died. And then one stuck it's zombie hand out of the grave to grab my attention once again. Also, I have a commercial running in which I drive a Volvo. But mostly I'm dealing with mold remediation, roof repair, being sued by tenants, and repeated visits to the Pasadena Housing Authority. Whoot!

Zack continues to be obsessed with garbage trucks. His other favorite things in life are cars, ladybugs, chocolate, and our cat. Since we pulled him out of the old daycare, we've been relieved to learn that he doesn't seem to have any aggression issues. Something about that place was making him antsy. Or maybe the teachers there were just crazy. But either way, it's been a huge load off our shoulders to see him happy again.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Zack's favorite running ramp near the Farmers Market

Anyone who knows us know that we've been ridiculously busy lately, in good and bad ways. So here are some pictures from, um, February I think? I'll try to update a little bit at a time.


The jungly view from our window

A stroll in Santa Monica

Zack studies for his real estate license

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Julie!

We've been preoccupied the last two weeks with a sick kid, sick us, and the rigors of new jobs; unfortunately the timing has left us little energy for partying. But through it all I love my lady, and I want to say Happy Birthday! Join me, won't you?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Seen it all

We had a good time in Descanso Gardens that day, you just can't tell from this picture.