Sunday, June 29, 2008


Here's a picture of Daddy working his first solo mission. Well, I actually take the captain's chair each night while Julie sleeps, but this is the first time she wasn't a room away.

I did pretty good right up until the end, when I decided to go ahead and let the boy drink that last two ounces of milk he was clamoring for. You can't tell by his face, but right there he's contemplating spewing up a new geyser in about 90 seconds' time. Just when I was thinking I'd probably take a better picture without that pacifier in my mouth. (You'd think I would've noticed while looking in the mirror, but somehow I didn't.)

Zack did one of his typical mood swings while Jules was arriving home. He got wound up and annoyed right as she was walking past the window, but by the time she got in the door he had the pacifier in his mouth and was starting the slow countdown to nap time.


DCD said...

I got to hear a little of that "weird little animal pissed off cry," yesterday when I called Jeff!
Another thing you realize when you become a parent - sometimes you just gotta hang up on someone, and if it's another parent they will always understand.

Julie said...

We've been doing "tummy time" with him, and Jeff likes it because it's "interesting to see him doing something that isn't eating...or bitching." He spends a lot of time complaining and we spend a lot time trying to figure out what the deal is. I really was not prepared for that constant trial and error crying thing--it is really a constant annoyance. We love it best when Z is asleep, as mean as that may sound!

DCD said...

Not mean - again, totally normal. (At least in my opinion!) The first couple of months are tough - not gonna lie, you are not getting a lot in return if you know what I mean. Because spit up doesn't count.

You guys are doing great, don't be hard on yourselves if you crave some peace!