Sunday, June 29, 2008



DCD said...

I think Zack is going to follow in my kids footsteps (no pun intended) in having ginormous feet. With the combined shoe sizes of their parents, they were doomed from the start!

Julie said...

I have size 11 feet! It's tough to find shoes. I can only go to certain stores. But what's interesting is Zack got the shape of Jeff's feet. His second toe angles away from the big toe. I was looking at it one day and thought it was interesting, and then I noticed Jeff's toes are the same! Genetics, man. So I think he is going to get Jeff's feet and my family's general bigness. My brother has size 13 feet or something crazy like that.

DCD said...

I remember that you are an 11 because originally I was going to try to get you slippers for Christmas!

We are not quite as crazy, but I'm a 10 and Rick is 11 1/2.