Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More Good News

Check it out! I have a girlfriend. Julie and I went out more than ten years ago, and just last February we saw each other again and she totally flipped for me. No really, she did. And before very long I found myself flipping too. Ain't that cool?

We make mixes for each other and stuff. It's as sappy as the world's sappiest sap tree and I couldn't be happier about it. Woo hoo!

Rubik's Cake!

I finally got my mitts on this picture! This is the cake Charlie and I made for Marc's birthday. We'd just been watching that Ace of Cakes show on the Food Network and got all inspired.

We bought four boxes of cake mix and stacked the square cakes on top of each other. One layer completely self destructed and we had to pull it out, but the end result was strawberry on vanilla on chocolate, making a nice Neopolitan inside.

It was quite a party. The whole cake got eaten and several bottles were tossed off the deck to the patio below. The first one fell by accident and then I got a drunken glass-breaking bug in my bonnet and threw over a couple more. Since it's my house, the signal was officially given -- the following day I swept up enough glass to fill a five-gallon bucket. I'm still baffled that nobody called the cops.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I've been getting some well-deserved flack for letting this blog wither, and I've got some stuff coming, I swear. Meanwhile, here's a nice close-up of the Global Order of Mad Science logo that I whipped up for the costume below. Groooove on it.