Saturday, June 28, 2008

Julie's first solo outing

at The Grill--verrrrry fancy

Last year I won an award at UCLA called the Dini Ostrov Reel Women in Spirit award. Since it came with a cash value, it helped to keep me in school. Unfortunately, I never met Dini Ostrov, who passed away this year. But her husband decided to keep alive the tradition of taking the scholarship winners out to lunch. What an awesome, generous guy. I'm really sorry I never met his wife, who apparently kept up with all the winners of her award over the years.

Les took us to The Grill on Rodeo Drive. Okay, I've lived in LA for ten years and never been to Rodeo Drive. Um, I am lame, in a way. Les had hurt his foot somehow--you can see he's wearing a boot cast thingy. Weirdly enough, my incision really started hurting. I guess it takes a while to recover. Didn't realize that I was still a bit under the weather.

Then again, my incision might have hurt because I ate like a pig.

Les also got us all graduation presents--fancy pens for us to sign contracts. And he even got a little something for Zack. Look how cute! If I get rich, I hope to be the kind of person who gives scholarships like this. How great is this guy?

Even though it was fun getting out of the house, I was very excited to get home to our sweet little boy. When I pulled in, I could hear him yelling his weird little animal pissed off cry, and apparently he had doused Jeff with a good vomit while I was out.


DCD said...

How totally awesome! What a great guy and hey, if you are going to go out for the first time, going that big is the way to GO!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, Julie! Congratulations! Tricia

PS: Even though we read the blog every day, I just realized (or maybe forgot I knew) that you could comment without having a google account, which was apparently too difficult for me to figure out.... so we look but never comment. Now I see Anonymous! Eureka!!!!