Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zack is a blast.

Zack has been so much fun lately.  I wanted to write about our day on Sunday, so let's see how much of it I can remember now.  Uh...almost nothing.  He fell asleep in Home Depot, which we found cute as hell.  I was nursing him near the refrigerators and he just sacked out.  Jeff carried him to the car and sat with him while I finished shopping.

Then we went out to dinner with Bruce and Tekla, and Geneva was shaking her arms at Zack and he was cracking up.  She is a non stop comedy show.

Then I gave Zack some brown rice and broccoli, which he gobbled up!  It was so fun to see him enjoy eating.  I had tried to feed him avocado and banana before, but he really hasn't liked solid food too much until this week.  Since Sunday, we've been giving him little bits of real food and it's so much more fun than feeding him purees.  In this picture he's eating whole wheat spaghetti with butter and cheese.  Loves it.

Yesterday I took him to get the car washed and then to visit Jeff at work.  I just have such a great time running errands with Zack.  He is fantastic company.  He loves to go out and he loves people.  He is getting a little more shy around strangers, though.  He likes to wrap himself around my arm like a little clingy monkey.  Today I had to just drop off milk at daycare, and he clung so hard to me that I could not pry him loose so I could go to the bathroom.  So I just took him with me.

I was having to do a daycare dropoff so I could visit Mom again.  I had to scout a nursing home for her.  She will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow and go to this place for recuperation.  She can't go home because she's not independent enough yet.

I guess you could sum up the last couple weeks like this:

I saw my grandmother without her teeth.

I saw my mom in a diaper.

And through it all, Zack has been a total blast.  I like to imagine that someday he'll ask me what he was like as a baby, and I will be able to say, dude, you were a showstopper.  You were so cute, so fun, and you were huge and had bright red hair.  You were a star.  People couldn't get over you.  You had a great attitude about almost everything.  You loved to go shopping.  You loved books.  You were chatty starting at three months old.  You were just a complete joy.

Oh, also, Zack has an agent and a manager!  So he will start auditioning for baby commercials soon--if there are any auditions.  I haven't had an audition in months.  The economy is hitting advertising pretty hard.

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Dana's Brain said...

"You were so cute, so fun, and you were huge and had bright red hair."

Love that line! Don't forget to email me your Mom's address when she is settled!