Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yummy.  Some old pictures.  Internet connection working at the moment.  Technician arrives on Monday to replace or repair something.

Yesterday Zack and I went to play with Tekla, Geneva, Baby Kate (who is no longer a baby, but three!), and Tek's mom.  Geneva is simply the funniest person in the entire world.  She cracks Zack up.  He spent some time crawling around after her on the front lawn.  He also got to play a fun game with playing cards and a bowl.  I put the cards in the bowl, and he took them out and put them in his mouth.

Tekla is a great hostess and gave Zack some rice and beans and broccoli.  We've been a little lazy about finger foods around here, but only because I cannot seem to get to the store.  Yesterday, I had Zack in the car, finishing a car nap in the parking lot of Trader Joe's.  It took way too long.  I finished my Iphone Scrabble and got bored.  Then, Marion called and we blew off the store and went to the park.  So I ended up just letting my car idle in the parking lot for 40 minutes.

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Dana's Brain said...

I like the multitude of Legos in zip-loc bags behind Zack's head! LOL.

I so wish the one and only Trader Joe's in RI was closer to us. I realize it's all relative, but driving forty minutes to get there is kind of a drag.