Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday Zack just took off, schlepped out of the living room, and into the hallway. He was moving fast, doing this peg legged crawl. He's on the left knee but up tall on the right foot. Sometimes the right foot is out in front. It's very funny looking, really, but he's fast.

He banged on the bathroom door, but it wouldn't open. Good--child proofing made easy! He turned and headed into our bedroom and made it pretty far. As soon as he decided Jeff's trash can was a good toy, I picked him up.

He's all over the place now! So cash in your bets. He did crawl, or anyway schlep, before walking. So many people told me he would probably skip the crawl phase completely.

And actually, I'm pretty sure he could move like this for a while, but why bother? If there are toys nearby, who needs to move?

AND! He also looked right at me and said, "Mommy." Seriously! I said, "Yes, that's right! I'm Mommy!" And he could tell I was pretty stoked, so he said it again! Still not a reliable crowd pleasing baby trick. He also will not wave bye bye just to make me look good. I mean, I know my baby is not supposed to be a performing monkey. But come on, monkey, dance and wave to the people already!

"Mommy" seems to not only mean who I am. It also indicates, "Hey, I want out of the highchair." Or, "I'm hungry." He actually did say, "Mommy nay nay." HI-larious. I wonder how long it will be before anyone actually can verify that I'm telling the truth. The baby is talking. FRRRREEEAKY!

Pictures soon. We have been dealing with too many annoying internet problems. I hope to have time to make some fixing attempts this weekend. Once again, I'm posting from my "job."


Dana's Brain said...

Love the schlepping. And yay for "Mommy!" That is cool.

Oh yeah, at this age, they actually are still performing monkeys!

Bruce said...

Two word phrase!!!!