Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's so funny what will capture Zack's attention.  He was fascinated by Mom's slippers when I went to visit the folks today.  I actually got these for her when she first went into the hospital.  The physical therapist and all the nurses there loved them, and apparently they were so popular that someone put a note on the bulletin board near the nurses' station informing everyone that you could purchase these slippers in the gift shop.  I was at a loss about what to get Mom, since no flowers were allowed.  I ended up opting for slippers, a stuffed animal, and a purse.  And I got myself the same purse.  It was a good day for the gift shop.

And Zack loves the slippers.

He had a great day visiting the family today.  Grandma was finally allowed to smush him a little.  He stood on my lap and waved his arms around and addressed the good people of the living room.  He's really quite the orator.  He played peekaboo with Great Grandma and laughed his head off.  And he ate a ton.  He ate a piece of bread, and some rice cereal and peas.  And he nursed non stop.

He also got interested in some papers Mom was removing from the coffee table, and he stood up with only one hand to balance himself, as he reached with his other hand toward the papers!  There was what seemed like a long, long moment where I watched this happening in complete disbelief.  The sight of him standing there, perfectly balanced, one hand outstretched, just by himself:  stunning.

So the family are all remarkably in their right minds again.  Mom straightened out Grandma's meds, and now Grandma is making sense again.  And Mom herself is now lucid, which I'm not quite used to.  For a month I've been talking to and taking care of people who had a hard time communicating and understanding me.  It got to the point where if Jeff didn't catch what I said and asked, "What?" I would almost get panicky.  (No, no, not you, too!)  But now all seems to be well.


Dana's Brain said...

So happy to hear that. Love to all!

Julie's Mom said...

Hi all,
I just want to say (if I haven't already,being somewhat bonkers for a while), thank you for all of your good wishes and kind thoughts during my recent illness.
Julie was my rock. She jumped in and did whatever had to be done to help get me through the whole nasty business. And if you've read the blog about all that fun...you can see just how hard that was.
I don't quite know how to express how much this meant to me...to have her there, a grown up person...stretched to the max with her own life, work, husband and baby, and yet, she was there for me, too.
My daughter....what a woman.