Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I took a stab at our taxes today, using the free Turbo Tax software in the accounting class where I work.  When I saw the result, I returned our TV.  Well, it hasn't been delivered, so I just went to Best Buy and got a refund.  While I was there, I called Mom and found out she's being readmitted to the hospital.   I don't think she's as bad as she was.  Just dehydrated.

So everything and everybody is going back.  And more weirdness with Grandma.  I thought she was pretty together yesterday, but it's just so apparent that she cannot hold onto information.

But yesterday she did come up with the best term for how Zack gets around.  He's great at standing, but there's no forward motion.  If he really wants to move from A to B, he does this combination crawl, fall, roll, pull, and then a few other moves.  I actually want to videotape it and speed it up.  It kind of happens slowly, so that maybe five minutes later, you'll say, "Hey, he moved a whole seven feet!"  But you can't really remember how it happened.  We were out on the front lawn the other day and he got interested in the sprinkler, and then gradually, over time, he got to it.  I don't know how.  My grandmother nailed, though:  "He schleps."

Zack was kind of ornery in Best Buy today, but for a kid who had a too short nap in the car, he was very, very good.  There was some computer issue  and it took forever for this poor manager to run around the store collecting enough cash to repay me.  I had to get cash for some reason.  Then finally I didn't need cash.  I won't bore you with the details, but it took a along time.  At one point I had to warn the manager, "Um, I'm going to have a screaming baby in here soon."  But I didn't.  Just a baby who made me take my shirt off a whole bunch to give him his nay nay.  He's a good natured kid.  We're lucky.

I swear I'm hearing him say Mama.  Too weird.  It just can't be.


Bruce said...

He's saying mama.

That's how it starts. If you're thinking "I swear I hear he's saying mama...", then he's saying it.

Sorry to hear about your teevee.

You guys can come over here and watch stuff.

Julie's Mom said...

I have heard Zack say Momma and Dada as clear as day.

And I love to listen to him sing! What a guy!

Obsidian Kitten said...

hehhehheh--he schleps!

he really does have some new yorker in him.