Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Fun With the Little Dude

Not a new picture.  Just wanted to post about our day.

First off, while I thought that Zack throwing up all over the car was the cherry on top of the crap sundae that has been this month, I think it was actually just the whipped cream.  Yesterday, at an audition, I had to run around and do a bunch of physical stuff, and I ran into the camera tripod.  The audition folks were saying, "Did you break your toe?  I heard a crunch!"  I said of course not and continued to run and jump around.

Then, I got in the car, and I realized that clearly, I had broken my toe!  It is so black and blue today.  I went to get an x-ray.

So that just must be the cherry!  It must be!  That has to be the end of the lameness.

And speaking of end, well, there's actually yet one more thing. seems our blog has a few readers from my mother's workplace, and well, I feel a little bad that they got to hear all about her soiled robe.  So just to let it all out, I have a hemorrhoid, left over from pregnancy, and lately it has been really bothering me.

So when Jeff comes home and says, "How are you?"  I really only have this to say:

My toe hurts.

And my butt hurts.

Before the audition, Jeff and I actually had a lunch date, and it was so great to see him in the middle of the day, and it was so sunny and nice.  I just knew things were looking up.

Crunch.  Broken toe.

But anyway, I had a fantastic day with Zack today.  Here's what we did, after my toe x-ray.

We dropped off a job application for me at LA Valley College.  Why was it so fun?  I think it was fun to carry Zack across the campus.  I've been skeptical of slings, since the boy is just so huge, so I thought I'd rupture a disk carrying him in a sling.  But I could really see the fun of a sling as I carried him along on my hip and was privy to his view of the world.  He noticed squirrels, so I noticed them.  He saw birds whizzing overhead, so I did, too.  It was really great to see all this normal stuff as new and exciting stuff.  And it was really great for everyone to just fall apart when they saw Zack.

And keep your fingers crossed.  I think I'd like to get this job, and it's right near Zack's daycare.  It would get me out of LAUSD, which is just one big sinking ship right now.  I have the exact experience they're looking for, and then I'd be a real live college teacher.  We'll see.

Then Zack and I went to drop off his little headshots at his agency, which is right near our place, as it turns out.  Then, we went to the post office.  And then I got some pizza and he played with my keys and the top of a Snapple bottle.  In the pizza place, I heard the following gold as hell exchange between some teenage boys:

Boy One:  Why does your hair look like you just had sex with ten monkeys?

Boy Two:  Because that's what happened.  Only it was twenty monkeys.

Those unsuspecting boys have no idea that I am stealing this dialogue.  It's just too good not to end up in something.

The owner of the pizza place and his relative at the cash register (who looked 18 and had an 18-month-old) talked to me and Zack.  They loved Zack.  This place was supposed to be New York Pizza, but the pizza (although delicious) was nothing like I remember from New York, and the interior of the joint was covered with LA graffiti.  It maybe was supposed to be cool, but it was a mess.  The place delivers, and when I told them approximately where I live, the owner said, "Yeah, they just found a body in a trunk over there."

How he knows this, and who "they" are, I did not ask.  I surely didn't hear about this incident before today!

And there you have it.  Our day in North Hollywood.  Why was it so much fun?  When I write it all out, it seems quite mundane.  And perhaps at times sinister and frightening.  But whenever I'm with Zack, I just have the best time.  He makes all my little errands so awesome.  I love taking him out to get stuff done.  He's so game.  He is happy to sit on my lap while I eat pizza.

Oh, and then we came home and played roll around on the futon and laugh like crazy.  That was really fun.

And now he's taking a nap during what used to be his bedtime.  His recent illness and daylight saving time have really messed up our schedule.  I gotta go get him up now.

And Mom is better and better.

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Dana's Brain said...

I love hearing about your days. Although hearing things like, "sunny" and "dropping off head shots to Z's agent" make me feel like my days are really mundane!

Sorry about your toe. And your butt. But,(heh) I'm really happy to hear your Mom is doing better!