Sunday, July 27, 2008

Zack's first play date

My friend Marion had her baby!  Weston Andrew Pardo.  Here's his blog.  Marion and I were eating at a restaurant just over a year ago, kvetching about how badly we wanted babies.  And here we are today!

Zack had to borrow a swaddle blanket in order to continue his afternoon nap.

And this was Weston's reaction.  These two are getting along famously--it's clear they absolutely adore each other.

Daddy Jason.

Jeff and I were very excited to hold a teeeeeny newborn again.  Seven pounds, fifteen ounces.  Of course, Zack was actually never this small on the outside!  

So cute!

The compare contrast.  Oddly, they look roughly
the same size here.  But Zack is way huger for sure.

You would think that after eating before this little visit and during the visit, Zack would have let us drive through In n Out Burger in peace.  Nope.  Still starving!  He pitched such a fit that it wore Jeff out.  Never has Z been denied the boob for an entire ten minute drive.  Outrageous. He was traumatized.  Probably not as traumatized as we were!

Boy, do we love our kid.  It's painful if he's unhappy for mere seconds.  I suppose we must get over that.

So excited for our friends.  This is the last baby of the West Coast Baby Tsunami.  There were four babies among my friends, and Zack was the second one in this lineup.


DCD said...

Congratulations Marion and Jason!!

Sigh. So many beautiful babies. And hot mama's! Julie - you look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Zack's first play date!

Both moms are looking great and happy to the core.

Add another cutie-pie to the bunch!!

Julie's Mom