Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scary but short

And I mean the earthquake, not Zack.  Zing!

We're fine.

The only damage:

LEGOs fell of the shelves.

I grew up here, so earthquakes are no big thing most of the time.  I heard the train noise and felt a little motion, but at first I thought it was a teeny one and just sat there.  Then the big shaking started, and I snatched up Z and ran him into a doorway.  It was all over by then, and he was just a little annoyed to have been woken up from a nap.  The bigger jolts only lasted a second or two.


Anonymous said...

We totally did the shake and bake! I'm glad you're all OK as are we. We had some of those crazy rolling after shocks that make you feel like you're on a rough cruise to no where!

Julie's Mom

DCD said...

Yowza. Spoke to Jeff after it happened to confirm that all was well. I know you are used to it, but still kind of freaky to envision.

So happy everyone (except the Legos) survived unscathed!

Landshark said...

Cool! Is that your first quake, Jeff?