Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adventures in baby sitting

Geneva and Jakes

For the first time in a long while, I had to go out alone yesterday.  My friend Tekla watched Z.  This was Z's first time solo without Jeff or me.  As you can see, Tekla has a daughter, and a new kitten.  So between these two and the baby, there was plenty of cuteness in the house.

I left my diaper bag and a bottle, but I also came early, fed Z, and got him to sleep before I left.  I thought I'd get back before he woke up, but this was the scene that greeted me when I returned.

Wow, another person who feeds me!
Who are you, beautiful lady?

Tekla said that just as I had predicted, Z raised his legs and let out a little trumpet announcement fart, warning her that he would be awake and hungry soon.  She and Geneva ran to get the bottle ready while staving Z off with the pacifier.  Just when he was making his first high pitched animal cry to tell them he was actually hungry, dammit, they got the bottle in his mouth.  Go Team Wright!

Z was pretty interested in Geneva.

Geneva took this picture.

And this one.  Z is having a great time.

Of course, later in the evening, after a great day together, Z treated me to two hours of inconsolable fussiness.  When Jeff got home, I was completely spent!  But I have to say, all in all, I think we got a pretty easy going baby.  Even inconsolable fussiness for Z isn't too horrible.  He never (knock on wood) cries straight through.  You try this and get a cry, then another thing and get a cry.  Then finally, finally he'll go to sleep.  But mostly, he's a good natured little guy.


Octopunk said...

The fart announcing his imminent wakefullness is so darn reliable! I fed him twice last night and it happened both times like clockwork. The boy's a genius!

I often think about when we'll tell Z about this particular habit. I predict he'll find it funny for a year or so, then totally hate the anecdote for the bulk of his childhood and teens.

Anonymous said...

Little Z is such a trooper! What a bunch of cuteness in these pics!

Julie's Mom

Julie said...

What's also nice is that he gives very reliable signals as to when it's time for a nap. Really, he's a pretty good sleeper, and I think we have to thank the baby gods for that.

On a separate note, we measured him and weighed him today. While our home methods might not be entirely reliable, this is what we came up with:

24 inches long
15 or 16 pounds, give or take (Okay, that just can't be right--to weigh him, we weighed me and then me holding him and just found the difference, but still, that just CAN'T be right.)

What the--? The kid is humongous. He's the very definition of thriving. Pyloric valve be damned--the food made it to where it was supposed to go!

DCD said...

Go Zack! Nice weigh-in.

These pics are so cute. Little Geneva is a heartbreaker!