Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Zack visits Daddy at work!

So there I am dremeling away at some new-fangled toilet plunger to make it look like a giant popcorn popper, and I look up and there's my fine lady walking into the shop with our fine little guy! Jules had some stuff to do nearby and decided to swing by the shop to give Zack a little chill time -- and of course to show him off. I wandered around with him in my arms pointing stuff out: "here's the down-shooter room, here's a flocking station," etc.

Julie pointed out that he has no idea how cool it is that he got to see where I work, so we took this picture of us with the puppetized cast of Chowder so we can prove it later. Love that kid.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo! Daddy looks so proud!! Zack looks so cute.

Julie's Mom

DCD said...

Awesome! Can't wait to show Jake this pic, he will love seeing those puppets!!

(Oh yeah, and his uncle and cousin too!)

Julie said...

I was a little stressed about money in the past week, but visiting Jeff at work reminded me that we have a very cool life.

Anonymous said...

I'll say you three have a very cool life. I am thinking Zack is a great combination of Mullen/Cross genes. I see a bit of cousin Jake when I look at the pics! Nana

PS: What does Zack "call" Julie's mom? We are looking forward to meeting her very much!

Julie said...

My mom is Grandma. No conflict of interest!

Julie said...

You can see Ray Harryhausen's signature in the background on the wall. I wonder if Zack will be impressed by that someday.