Thursday, July 31, 2008

First vaccinations

Another trip to Dr. Whang today.  

The stats:

14 pounds - 95th percentile
24 1/2 inches long - 90th percentile
head circumference 16 1/2 inches - 50th percentile (Weird - it was "off the charts" when he was inside me!)

We have been spew free for a while.   The last big one was Sunday, but it wasn't impressive by our standards.  And slowed feedings are over.  You can't really slow Z down anymore.  He's just a nursing pro now.  So we are really feeling good about the pyloric valve.  It seems to be open for business.

BUT--another possible surgery looming.  Turns out Z very likely has a hernia, which the doc could feel in his left testicle.  (I apologize in advance to our future college age Z, who may be reading this with his new girlfriend and cringing.)  So we have to see a urologist, and if it's "indicated," there's a corrective surgery for that when Z is about six months old.  What's up with this kid and the threat of the knife?  Again, it's all routine, no big deal, blah blah blah.

I'm not upset about this one, really.  And after the way the whole pyloric valve thing went down, I trust our pediatricians.

But ANYway, I'm still a neurotic mom, and I read that Z should be "batting" at things now.  And he hasn't been.  So I was wondering if he was behind in his development or something.  But today he got very interested in this blood pressure thingie.

And here it is--this pic is blurry from all the non stop batting action!  Bat away, Z!  (Okay, it may have been inadvertent batting, but still, I'm very proud.)

Z's interest in medicine diminished after he was poked several times.  We saw quite a bit of the bindi dot.  Shots hurt.  But he took it like a man.  A man who napped immediately afterwards in his car seat.

He was soooooo good in the doctor's office.  He is so interested in everything now.  He loves to look around at people, and the doctor's office is decorated with all kinds of interesting stuff--bright colors and fish.  He also digs that baby he keeps seeing in the mirror and always gives him a big smile.


Octopunk said...

Go Zack! Hit that thing!

Daddy got a break last night because we had no pumped milk in the fridge for the Daddy feeding. Which was good because I sacked out quite early last night. I was nominally on duty (i.e. in the same room) for burping and diaper changes, but Jules let me off the hook. She was all "honey, just go to sleep" and I was all "but I wanna helllpzzzzz...SNORE."

So yeah, I'm bummed about the surgery possibility, but not like last time. We're getting used to it.

DCD said...

That is a bummer - but, I have heard that more often than the pyloric thing. So he's got that going for him.

It just starts to get all sorts of fun when they start really becoming aware of things, doesn't it?

Maybe I can stow away in Tricia and Burt's suitcase...