Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where to Begin?

We have so much holiday catching up to do.  Here is a great picture of Zack with Aunt Rose.  I actually forgot it was Chanukah when we visited her, but she didn't!  Zack got a Chanukah bear from her.

And he met her grandson, Tyler.  They hit it off.

I cannot believe we don't have more pictures from Christmas Eve at my house.  But anyway, even though this pic is blurry, you can see that Zack is learning the true meaning of Christmas as he is deluged with toys.  He loved every single one.

A fairly decent picture of our tree!  We got so many great ornaments.  I admit I went a little ornament crazy.  Jeff picked this tree and it was completely beautiful and almost scraped our ceiling.  I loved having a real tree this year.


DCD said...

That tree is awesome!! Nice work.

Now I want more! Show me more Z-man!

PS - Julie, I think of you every time that letter thing on our fridge sings it's little song. "Every letter makes a sound..."(or maybe more then one)

Julie said...

E says, "Eee." And "Eh!"