Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Big Family Photo Shoot

The 26th started off with the Cross Jones family milling around before the photo shoot.  Kristina and Casey are working the beautiful pregnant vibe.

Hot photo action!

The grandkids photo, with Cole not cooperating.

All the parents are trying to make the kids smile, and most of the kids are staring back at the parents.  Jeff also got hilarious video of this.

Zack looks small in Papa's arms.

Beeyootiful ladies!  (Thanks to Burt for this picture and the next two.)

Zack hamming it up.   As you can see, we are unable to keep it together as he addresses the family.
I think he was saying, "Aaaaaaaaaa!" But it sort of translated into, "Here I am, everybody!"


DCD said...

Once again...LOVE IT! What a crazy bunch we are. I really like the one of Z in Papa's arms, so sweet.

What is also so great is the total joy on yours and Jeff's faces in those last two. What a lucky kid.

Julie's Mom said...

Everytime I see these photos, my heart swells. What a beautiful family!

Happy New Year to All!