Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Tribe

Burt just sent these.  I like the kinetic energy in this one.

And here we are all dignified.

We've had a horrible weekend!  I picked Zack up from daycare Friday, and he had a fever that climbed to 102.7.  We nursed him back to health and then Jeff got the virus, and he's been a wreck for two days and is also running a fever of 102.2.  It sucks!  I've been trying to pamper him, but mostly that means taking care of Zack so he can rest.

Zack was doing amazing with the sleep training and we started tackling naps.  Of course he ended up right back in bed with me for two nights while I monitored his fever and cough.  Now he's back in the crib with hardly a peep, so that's a relief.

He's still occasionally refusing solids, but Elsa at daycare really helped on that front.  He's also had what might be allergic reactions, or might be just his eczema, or might be viral exanthem.  Fun stuff.  Mostly he's been just great as usual.  He really was miserable with his fever, and it's nice to see him smiling again. 

We went for a super long walk today, all around the big park and through the surrounding neighborhoods, while Jeff slept at home.  Zack and I also looked at a super nice apartment with a rent twice as high as our current rent.  Gorgeous place.  A two bedroom with a loft.  I saw the open house sign and just decided to take a peek.  Yikes--so nice.  I just can't see spending that much on rent, though.  Makes more sense to buy at that point.  But oh, how awesome our lives would be in this place!

I am still working on holiday catchup, but for now I need to shovel some of the mess around in this place.


Mamma Marion said...

These pictures rock! You are lucky to have such a fun happy extended family!

Dana's Brain said...

I also really like the "not perfect" pic.

Sorry to hear about all the illnesses. Such a bummer when they are sick!! (Babies and husbands!)

Hope things are getting better.

dimossi said...

Amazing that all the babies and adults are actually looking at the camera at the same time. How many takes did that take?

BTW, I'm a fan of Rational Moms. Keep up the good work.

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