Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monster Hats

I might finish posting all our holiday stuff by Valentines Day.

Here are some fun pictures of the monster hats we got all the kids.


Dana's Brain said...

I love that first shot of Jake. I know he's my kid and all, so of course I would say that - but I just love his impish grin.

Mamma Marion said...

These are the best. Your friend who makes the hats should use these pictures for advertising. Everyone looks so cute.

Anonymous said...

You've got to send those pics to Shannah for her website! Too cute...a flock of monsters? A monster pod? I ordered one for Vivi but got her length and her head circumference mixed up. It's going to be a while before her head fits the 22" hat! duh.--Ashley

Obsidian Kitten said... did I miss these pics? Adorable!