Sunday, August 03, 2008

Zack's first late night Hollywood party

On Friday the guys at work threw a party for my birthday, which had the side benefit of breaking in the back yard of the house the studio just started renting. Z chose that evening to have his longest nap ever, from 4 pm to 10, which meant Daddy got to drink more -- I mean missed him terribly. It was a great birthday party. Of the non-work couples Jules and I invited, three and a half showed up (which was very gratifying) and I got to give them tours of the studio. Thanks to the big nap all of them missed Zack and Julie, although to my delight they made it there at about midnight. Not even eight weeks old and my kid is already going all rock star.

Rock star or not, the action in the back yard was a little raucous for Zack, so we started our own action in the big bean bag chair in the living room. Which is almost the only furniture in the house right now.

After a snack Z was in a good mood in Mommy's lap, giving us lots of smiles whenever the camera wasn't on him.

But check it out! Zack wasn't even the youngest partier of the night. Jason and Marion showed up with 8-day old Weston, generously dropping off a co-sleeper they're not using (which we are totally digging), and getting a studio tour. I think it was Wes's first ever outing.

Wes was unavailable for comment.


Anonymous said...

Z has already mastered the "disco nap." Wow. --Ashley

DCD said...

L.A. Baby, baby!

Julie said...

It was also Z's first time wearing shoes. He has on his full Baby Gap outfit, courtesy of Darlene Hodgetts, who I work with. (And who portrayed one of the creepy twins in one of the Hellbound movies--LA, baby!) I think the Baby Gap shoes were a hand me down, but they just happened to match the outfit perfectly.