Saturday, August 30, 2008

A brand new car!

Okay, brand new used car.

Check out the sweet Honda Civic that we just Heaven.

I don't know what that glare was.  We are now fully daycare ready, thanks to the bling we got for our wedding.  I played bad cop and had us walking out of the dealership, as I said, "No one but a retard would pay that for this car."

And then we payed slightly less than that.  We didn't pay what a retard would pay.  But we probably paid what more than a couple of Ivy League grads should have paid.   I thought Z would be a good bargaining tool, but it turns out that a baby spitting up all over you just makes you want to do the deal fast.  So I got the interest rate down but I could not haggle as much as I wanted on the price before I just got tired.  Z did throw up on the dealership floor however, which was very very good.


DCD said...

" Heaven." LOL!!

Sweet! Love the new ride. Even if you couldn't get the price down too much, you at least know one of their employees had to mop up Z's throw up!

Way to stick it to 'em Z!

Adam said...

You go, Z! Stick it to the man!

Julie said...

Heaven is Jeff's yuck yuck line.

He also had a good one with his apnea mask. He came out into the living room totally frustrated with it, and he said the sleep apnea class lady mentioned a smaller mask for those who are claustrophobic. I said that claustrophobic seemed almost extreme, and Jeff said, "Yeah, claustrophobic--fuck. I just don't like humongous shit on my face!"

I don't know if it will read funny but it makes me laugh every time I think of it.

DCD said...

That reads funny since I can hear the way he would say it. Ri-ot!

Jennie said...

Where's the monkey blanket?

Julie said...

Hee hee...I think Z probably peed on it. If it's not in a picture, it's most likely in the laundry.