Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recent Faves

Sorry it's been more than a week! We've actually got a lot of new pics but my computer's hard disk is almost full and blah blah blah who cares.

We caught this picture just this morning -- probably the best smiley picture yet. Zack's been giving us big Hello grins whenever he wakes up these days, which is great beyond great. But he tends to stop smiling when the camera's on him, which is less great.

This one I got on my way out the door to take Z to the park. Turned out it was too hot for the hoodie, but he insisted on modelling it before taking it off. Okay, we insisted.

And here's my favorite shot from the park. I like it because it was the reigning smiley pic until this morning, but also because it looks like somebody just told Z a funny joke. Really it was me doing the intro to Touch Me by The Doors. "Ba ba ba badup ba baduh duh, ba ba ba badup ba baduh duh..." It usually works.

Last Wednesday was a big day for pictures. Here we are that night shortly before bedtime, when Zack suddenly turned his head and started sucking Mommy's finger vigorously. Still hungry, don't you know.

Here's the look that the sight of the camera usually provokes. "Hmmm. That thing again. Why do they keep showing it to me? I better stare at it until I figure it out." Meanwhile Jules and I engage in one of our new favorite pastimes, kissing his little head. Pretty much the main reason to have a baby around is so you can kiss his little head whenever you want.


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! I was aching for some new pictures! Be careful which song you choose to be the soother...we're still singing "Jingle Bells." Vivi also really likes anything by Queen. --Ashley

DCD said...

'Bout time, people!!

Kidding, totally. I was just going through withdrawals. These are so great, love the smiles!

On another note - Julie, did you cut your hair? Looks damn cute.

Mamma Marion said...

This is a GREAT pic! What a great trio.