Saturday, August 02, 2008

That was new

While we no longer worry about the little guy's pyloric valve, we do contend with the occasional spew. It only happens about once a week, and today marks the third weekend in a row. And speaking of marking things...

Jules had him over her shoulder and he projected all over the couch. She called to me for help, I took the munchkin in my arms while she removed the couch cover. I was looking down at his cute little face and the second wave came out of his mouth and HIT ME IN THE EYE. My face and chest were covered and my eye was stinging with hot curdled milk. Yowza.

Fortunately I was already aware that fatherhood was not for the timid. The boy's been great all the rest of today.


DCD said...

I was giggling about that to myself all night last night! I can just picture you with spew covering your face going, "It went in my EEEEEYYYYYYEEEEE!"

Julie said...

I wish I'd seen the actual event. I just heard it behind me, and then I turned around and Jeff's face was covered in curdled milk.

Hooray for Jeff. How many men would take that with a sense of humor? I mean, I've been covered in puke enough times that it's unsurprising, at this point, but I never got it in the eye. (Ahem--knock on wood.)