Thursday, August 21, 2008

And then there were none.

Bridget went off to her new home today, and we hope she will be happier there.  After losing Harold, she spent most of her time hiding under the bed and running away from us.  We knew her life wouldn't get any easier once the new little monster started walking.

So my ex took her.  He didn't want to have kids, but he was willing to take on an extra cat.  Helluva guy.  Kind of squares a little of our past.

We are now preparing for the arrival of Jeff's folks who are highly cat allergic.  So it is a big relief to vacuum knowing that A, the cat hair will not all be back in one afternoon, and B, the cat is not cowering in absolute terror from the vacuum somewhere in the apartment.

Cat free for the first time in over a decade.  My old family is out, and my new family is in.

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DCD said...

Aw, it's tough to do, but often for the best as you realized.

I often think of the dog we gave up and feel pretty secure that she is happier in whatever home she ended up in. No offense to her, but lord knows I am happier!