Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break!

I'm off work for a week!

And there was a major milestone recently. March 23rd, Zack went an entire day without nay nay. I've been keeping track on the kitchen calendar since then. He nursed three times the 24th, once the 25th, and yesterday, when these pictures with the Wrights were taken, was another day without nay nay! Zero!

So my plan is to keep Zack out of daycare during Spring Break for most of the time, and do lots and lots of fun stuff. It's gonna be crizazzy. And I want to keep him so distracted that we stay on target with the weaning.

Tekla and Zack.


Zack loves Geneva. She cracks him up. I have to post the footage on here of the first time this happened. But in the meantime, some fun stories. The other day, Zack was going down for his nap, and he had a little trouble. I heard him on the monitor saying, "Mommy?" Then: "Daddy?" Then: "Geveeeeya!!!" He figured he better shout, since she lives kinda far away.

Whenever we pass her street, Zack starts talking about her. "Geveeya! Baka baka baka baka Geveya?" Which I think means, "Hey, this is where Geneva lives. Are we going to see Geneva?"

Tekla and Bruce and Geneva came over for dinner last night, and then we walked to the park. Zack was totally thrilled and did not want to see her leave.

I worked a few hours, and then Jeff went to class. I knew I'd have to keep Zack distracted to keep him off nay nay.

My brilliant plan:

Home Depot! Where we had to return something. Boring for Zack.

Except for these flowers. I thought this would be a great way to pass the time, until I saw petals getting torn apart. Then this turned into me carrying a screaming toddler out of Home Depot.

And he wanted nay nay to smooth over the disappointment. I stayed strong.

Next part of my clever strategy:

The car wash!

I mean, Zack loves cars. Zack loves baths. What's not to love?

This was boring, too.

A nice woman passing by snapped this picture for me. And you can see from Zack's expression that the whole car wash thing was just not impressive.

Next part of the plan:


We sit down on one of those cheesy coin massage chairs that seem to be in every LA carwash. As soon as we're in a big chair, it's "Nay nay?" But the cookie does the trick! Yay, cookies.

And then, like all yummy things, the cookie must come to an end. Which means this:

It's gone??? This is some serious bullshit!

Lucky for us, it's finally cooling off enough for us to head to the park.

A rude little boy came and took a car Zack was playing with, saying, "That doesn't belong to you." Zack was crushed.

I was comforting him and saying, "Yes, I know, that wasn't nice, but it wasn't your car," when one of the girls from our daycare, who's in an older class, found a car on the sidewalk and gave it to Zack. So nice.

Make it go again, Mommy!

And it was a windup car, which was awesome.

Not a thought of nay nay at the moment. Totally content.

We did it! We made it through dinner, and then Daddy came home and did bedtime. Only one nursing session today--in the morning. I don't think I'll be able to get past that one, but maybe if we head out the door immediately. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Just now I heard Zack on the monitor saying, "Night night, Mommy!" Aaawwww.


DCD said...

Aw! Night, Night, Mommy! So sweet.

I can't get over how much his hair has grown! It's so excellent. I hope the rest of your break is lots of fun and that you can break through to the other side of nay nay!

Miss you guys.

GeekMan said...

Awesome about giving up the nay! Wish I could see the pictures, though... they all seem to be dead links right now.