Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Grandma Daisy

My grandmother, Paula Elizabeth Harrison (Daisy) died this morning. I am so glad Zack got to meet her. She was a pistol--hard drinking, smoking, gambling up into her 70s. And she was active in the Democratic party in Orange, which is no small feat. She was invited to two presidential inaugurations--Carter and Clinton. And she could kick anyone's ass in Scrabble, mostly because she liked to make up words and gamble that we wouldn't notice.

Her poem, which we put on her funeral cards:

One theory I find mystifying
Is whether there's life after dying.
I may never learn
Whether I shall return.
I can only be sure I'll be trying.

I know I owe my sense of humor and my love for writing silly things mostly to Grandma. I'll miss her!


DCD said...

Oh, Julie I'm so sorry. Talk soon.


Jeannette said...

Even I was lucky enough to meet her! I spent most of my time at your wedding chatting with her, and pistol is an understatement. She was an incredible and witty person right up until the very end.

I'm sorry, Julie. I'm sure that you will miss her. Hugs!!