Monday, March 15, 2010


My dad came to visit this weekend. It was his first time meeting Zack! Here they are at the farmers market petting zoo. Zack has a bus in hand, as usual.

Zack is missing his upper lateral incisors, and this weekend I learned that he inherited that from Dad. Dad's upper right incisor never came in, and all this time, I knew nothing about that! As you can see in this picture, Zack also got his dimple from my dad. I have this same dimple, but on my right cheek.

While it's too early to tell, it seems Zack may have also inherited Dad's obsession with vehicles and his love for animals.

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Anonymous said...

Julie, you may not post often,but when you do, boy, is it worth waiting for!!! Loved the commentary and the wonderful pictures! Just great!!! Thanks for bringing beautiful Zack a bit closer for us...we miss him!
Much love, Florida Nana