Thursday, March 11, 2010

A few pics from my phone

My mom is totally not enjoying this, as you can see.

So Zack knows most of the letters of the alphabet. Here he is with two of his favorites, I and Y. He also can identify the nearby bath toys, "star" and "whale."

I was writing down every word and phrase he learned, but they've exploded. He speaks in sentences now. He knows tons of words. However, about 75% of his verbal output is the word "bus." I kind of wish I'd never taught him this word. It was cute back when every large vehicle was "wee wee!" (Because see, fire engines say that.) But now as soon as Zack wakes up, the first word out of his mouth is, "Bus." And any time we're in the car, it's all about, "Look! A bus!" And "Do you see the bus?" It's truly impressive that he has been this obsessed for this long about buses. Daddy bought him some books yesterday about cars, trucks, and buses. Zack was thrilled.

He also really enjoys the moon lately, because he can see it from his new window!

This is Zack at one of my last auditions. I quit auditioning for a while to start an internship at a production company. I'm already loving it and getting to actually WRITE! Amazing.

Between that, Jeff's new job and new computer animation classes, and our new place, we are "busy busy" as Zack would say. I fell asleep last night in my clothes at 7:00 p.m., and Jeff did only a little better, crashing on the couch around 8:00.

Zack is now sleeping through the night most nights. We didn't get an easy sleeper. Or we did it all wrong. But in any case, he's finally sleeping through the night regularly, at the age of 22 months. Thank you, sweet Jebus. He still wakes up at 5:30 a.m., but hey, we'll take it.

Our new place is rockin! We are loving having a washer and dryer, and the light in here is excellent. We have these giant, widescreen windows upstairs. Seeing the sky every day does wonders for my mood. I mean, well, seeing it from inside the house.

Also, we have this really cool bamboo forest behind the apartment, and these really sweet little birds live in it. When you're in Jeff & my room, with the window cracked, listening to the wind in the bamboo and the little birds, you just can't help but drift off into happy nap land. It's truly a magic nap room. Then you wake up and see clouds drifting by over your head. Unbelievable.

It's a little dangerous that my office is in there.


DCD said...

Yay! Look at how cute he is!!! Not that he wasn't cute before, mind you, it's just Yay! Older cute!

Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points. Love hearing the new place is working out well for all of you! (There's one more.)

Casey said...

Okay, loser sister here has her head down in 3 diapers/pull-ups, 3 baths, 3 messy dinners, 3 getting into pj's, 3 all crying/wanting you simultaneously..wah wah wah, that clueless me did not even hear that you had a new place or job brotha! Do tell! And cool for you Julie with the internship! Sorry for being so stinkin out of touch. The number 3 is no excuse.