Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zack is ONE

Yay! Zack has moved into his second year on Earth, and we celebrated the first one last weekend. Here he is at his party, but first...

A few days before his birthday, we got a pair of packages from Nana and Papa in Florida. We didn't make him wait. Zack was very interested in the box...

and it contained an Ugly Doll! (You can see he's still intrigued by that box.)

His other present was this great farm puzzle, the pieces of which all have big wooden knobs that are great for little hands. How do I know?

Well, here's Zack eating and he's still clutching a piece (that's the goose piece, I think).

And here he is an hour after lights out, still clutching the piece he was clutching before bedtime while Monkey looks on jealously. I'm pretty sure that piece is the rooster.

Zack's actual birthday was on a Wednesday, a few days before his party. I wasn't working that day, so it was all Zack and Daddy until late afternoon. Here he is chilling on the playmat.

And here he is doing some scientific research on the playmat. Subject: What Everything Looks Like Upside-Down.

We were short on some essential supplies, so we took a trip to good ol' Target shortly before Zack's naptime. You can see the tiredness in Zack's face, although he was still clearly "thumbs up" about this great big ball.

After naptime (see the difference?), Zack listens to his birthday message from Marc.

After that it was a trip to Toys R Us! I let Z loose in the aisles to see what he liked...

And he went straight to the toy zoo he's already got at home, pressing the demo buttons to make monkey noises. I got him a little something else and we took off...

but not before a quick photo up in this ball bin.

After that we stopped at daycare so Zack could hang with his buddies. Here they are grooving on bubbles.

We didn't go crazy for the party on Saturday, just bought up a buncha food and had people over at the house. We purposely overshot, so pretty much everything you see here lasted us well into the following week. I made four quiches, homemade guacamole and hummous. Not pictured is the bloody mary mix. I made it as an afterthought, but wound up serving bloody marys to several of our guests.

Zack's daycare friends Benicio and Brandon (below) both came with their parents, as well as two of the daycare center's teachers, our landlady, and a few friends.

There were some folks who couldn't make it, and they were missed -- although it was the perfect number of people for our living room.

Cake! It was carrot cake with the yummy cream cheese frosting. Mommy helped him blow out the fancy candle...

And then Zack helped himself to some of Daddy's piece of cake.

The hunk he crammed in his mouth is the biggest thing I've ever seen him eat. I was following him around with a napkin for a few minutes, certain I was going to catch a fat wad of cake, but to my astonishment he worked it down without a hitch.

It was a great party. Zack got cool presents from everyone and, as Marc's expression will attest, had a good crazy time.


Julie said...

Jeff really did make everything, proving that real men not only eat quiche but bake it.

Also wanted to say that one highlight of the party was Barbara, our landlady, who regaled all the moms with tales of how back in the old days, she and her doctor had a cigarette together before the birth. She was a hit.

Dana's Brain said...

Awesome re-cap! I love the shot of him in the ball bin.

And I think I can just make out a little empty spot in that line of Storm Troopers.

Happy Birthday again, Z Man!

Burt said...

Great images of the buster. Loved the one shot of him in the aisle of Toy 'R Us; better than a kid in a candy store. Can't wait to catch up with all of you in August. Much love,