Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lovely Weekends!

We made Zack a great play area by the big living room window.  You can see how crappy our window is in this picture, but oh well.  It's still an awesome play area, and we like sitting near him and catching a breeze while he entertains himself.

He has been super snuggly lately.  He likes to jump on us while playing.

He also enjoys taking the shapes out of the mat.  And sometimes putting them back in.

Geneva's birthday party on June 19th!  Zack plays with Kate and some noodles.

He loves this house in the back yard.

June 20th.  Park near our house

This is a play structure made for little kids.  It's perfectly Zack size.  He got up to this level totally on his own.

He was really in his element in this little play area.  Just loved it.

Dancing?  Doing karate?  We're not sure.

And this play structure is made of 100% recyclable materials.  They sure know the way to a girl's heart.

Zack takes a bonus nap.

The farmers' market today!

Note the corpse face shirt, a birthday gift from Marc.

Zack spent most of the time at the market striking out on his own like this.  I don't know if you can see the small blood spots on the back of the onesie.  Mommy cut her finger cooking, but I guess it's fitting to have your zombie onesie get slightly bloody.

Yay, farmers' market!

The petting zoo.  Zack was fearless.
This was our first time inside the fence.
We've only looked at the animals from the outside before.

Hooray.  Mangy, molting little chickens.  Um, great!

This one was a complete spaz.
He kept walking up my hands like a little staircase.


Our delicious friend the pig.

Soft bunny.  I was a little more interested in petting the animals than Zack was.

He was like, "Wow, check out this chair!"
Also, he really liked the purse of the lady next to him.
She had to take it off another chair and put it on her lap.

He did pet some goats.

The pony ride next door.  This kid has the right idea.

A little red haired girl.  She said to me,
"The last time I was here, a goat nibbled on my daddy's  butt."

Zack heads to the ATM for some cash.

After zoo snacks

That face.  Whatta kid.

I know I've said it before, but the Farmers' Market is a hoot.  I enjoy counting the number of $900 strollers that go by.  Today I saw $3600 worth of Bugaboo and one Stokke.  There was a camera crew shooting B roll for something.  They were zipping up the street, and I heard a crew member say, "Vegetable stand, coming up on the left!"  We also met a girl named Maggie, who seemed to have three daddies, as far as we could tell.  Oh, Studio City, how I love you.  (Also the produce is delicious.)


Dana's Brain said...

Oh, oh, oh!! All these pictures are so wonderful! Makes me miss you guys even more.

I love the shot of Julie and Z in bed. The last picture of him is so beautiful too.

(PS - love those pants, Julie!)

Mamma Marion said...

I know it is old news now but I still can't get over seeing him walking all over on his own! I wish we had joined you guys. Looks like a blast.