Monday, June 22, 2009

The Stats

At his one year doctor's appointment:

31 1/2 inches tall (90-92%)
26 pounds (90%)
19 1/2 inch head circumference (still off the charts)

He can still say five words:  Mommy, Daddy, ball, bubble, and water.  It's funny that he just exploded with those five words so early, and we've heard no more.  Except for "Wow."

He also says, "La-dee-la-dee-la-dee-la-dee-dah."  We'll have to get some video up of this.   La-dee-la is Zack's first inside joke.

His favorite foods are brocolli, rice, veggie burgers, chicken, bread, YoBaby yogurt, and avocado.  He hated bananas for a long time, but a couple days ago he ate a whole banana.  He loves them now.  Same with strawberries.  Today he had strawberries at daycare and came home smelling like a giant strawberry, with berry stains all over him.  He has been refusing formula.  He hates cow's milk.  I'm still nursing!

He doesn't point or do "Sooo big."  But he makes himself understood very clearly.  When he sees a food he wants, like the animal crackers at daycare or some veggie burger at home, he makes his hands into little fists and shouts, "Unnngh!"  It's quite articulate.  We get it.

He pushes away things he doesn't like, whether food or books.  That's his way of saying no.  He just pushes the offending object out of his sight.  During story time, he has become very picky about books, so it'll go something like this:

"Do you want to read Night Night Baby?"


"No.  Okay, how about Go Dog. Go?"


"Hm.  Well, we can read Where's the Kitten?"

He leans back into my lap.  Okay, that one's all right.

He laughs along with us when we are laughing.  He wants to be in on the joke.  This cracks us up when what we are laughing at in the first place is Zack.  It also makes me think that it's nice he is growing up around two people who laugh a lot.


Mamma Marion said...

I am blown away by the fact that he is 1 year old now. Wes and I need to see you guys! We were so sad to miss the party.

Sarah said...

We were sad to miss it too! So great to hear all about Zach though and see all of the great pictures. He's such a cutie.

Dana's Brain said...

I love that he laughs along with you laughing. That's great.