Monday, June 01, 2009

May Favorites

I'm hoping this Zacktastic display will make up for all the stuff we haven't been doing. I've mentioned some great video to some of you (walking!), but I had an incident of Blogger taking forever to upload some video and then at the end pretending I never asked it to in the first place. Then tonight I realized that didn't prevent me from uploading some regular, non-moving pictures.

Zack loves going outside, so we often break up the day by parking on a blanket in our small front yard. I lie down and Zack pulls himself to standing postion on me, then starts exuberantly talking to the trees and passing cars. It's my favorite thing to do these days. Also, Zack thinks anyone's shades were put there on their face for him to pull off, as you can see here.

No, really, it's the best.

Here's Zack showing some Kleenex who's boss.

We bought these great interlocking play mat squares for Zack's corner of the living room. You could get letters, numbers or shapes. I said screw letters and numbers, and we just got three sets of shapes.

Do you know how when you fly, you're constantly barraged with the same information over and over? Little signs everywhere about your seat belt, stuff over the PA system about strange luggage, etc. I've discovered that being a baby is like that, except everyone's trying to jampack your sensorium with letters and numbers. Shapes and colors, too, but not with the same dogged persistence. Point being, I wanted to give the kid a break.

Our friend Tekla gave us a heavy bag of books that her daughter is too old for, and we mixed it together with our old standbys into the organized library you see here. Zack loved it, except when he had to crawl over a pile of books.

Zack and Mommy in Aunt Rose's pool. Rose's pool has a little spa sectioned off from the pool proper, which is good because the big pool was way too cold for Z. He dug the jets, and also having Mommy or Daddy help him chase his ball around.

This was last Monday and for some reason Zack hadn't had the proper amount of nap by evening. We had a good time but you can tell he's out of it.

This dog Mona was very well-behaved, but was largely distracted watching the kid from her own family doing stuff.

One of Zack's favorite spots on the smaller play structure. It's just a section where the platform curves like a hill, cresting about three inches high in the middle. He just sidles back and forth over it, grooving out on his skills.

The park trip before this one I lay inside this cylinder and pulled Zack through on top of me. He cried when he reached the end and I thought I'd scared him. Then this time he's trying to touch the dress of this much older little girl when she and her friend took off through the tunnel. He followed after them with no hesitation. I guess he hadn't been scared, he'd been pissed that I didn't let him do it himself. My camera's battery had just conked out, so while I sputtered in disbelief I had to get it together to shoot this with my phone. Little so-and-so.

And these are a couple more from Saturday. He was really digging the swing.

This time he tried standing up in here, which didn't work very well because he hit the ceiling with his head. Didn't stop the adorable, though.


Mamma Marion said...

He is a little BOY! He doesn't even look like a baby anymore. Those picture of him on the swing are amazing. What a sweet little guy you have.

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree with Marion. I love the swing pictures....he is sooooo
Love, Nana

Anonymous said...



Dana's Brain said...

Aw, these are so great! I love the shot on the shape mats and the books. Also the swing ones - you can tell how much he is enjoying it.

Such a sweet, cute boy!

Cousin Kathy said...

Hey Julie,
Just checking in since the Mullen lines have been down lately. Glad to see you all are doing well and Zach is so cute.

Happy Birthday Zach!