Thursday, April 02, 2009


Last night we all went to bed early and slept just about through the night, with a few minor interruptions from Zack. Even Jeff went to bed at ten.

Here's a more typical night for us:

Julie wakes up at 3 a.m. and comes into the kitchen, where there is a fierce, bright light. Jeff is photographing his pirate pod racer Lego creation. He's got the dining room set up like a professional photographer's studio. Julie wanders around like the living dead, pumps some milk, checks email, fiddles with the internet for a while.

It's no wonder Zack isn't on a strict night schedule. Schedules are for squares.

I don't think the lack of sleep involved in having a baby got to us as bad as most people. I was in graduate school just about until the night before Zack was born. And Jeff just doesn't keep a schedule or really believe in sleep, it seems to me.

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Dana's Brain said...

"...or really believe in sleep, it seems to me."

Ha! So true.