Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monster Mess

Yep, poop in the tub.  I know many parents have been there, and there's probably no need to belabor the point:  it's a bad scene.

I noticed it first on the towel, then on Zack, then on the sheets.  Hm...maybe another bath?  Nope, tub's fulla poo.  Okay, let's get Homeslice changed.  Wow, what still smells?  Oh, it's my clothes, covered in poo.

Just put the boy in the Intellipooper (cause it's safe now) and cleaned up the aftermath.  Much laundry.

AND--thanks Jeff, for putting the Cuisinart blade in the dishwasher.  I was trying to staunch the flow of blood from my left middle finger all during this poopalicious episode.  See, Jeff and I have different philosophies about the dishwasher.  Nevermind what mine is.  That's not the issue here.  His is that the dishwasher should do all the work.  He's good at dishwasher geometry, I'll give him that.  He can fill that thing like nobody's bitness.  But well, some items should get a hand wash.  That's what I believe, is all.  I'm not gonna push my beliefs on anyone.  You know, live and let live.  But let's leave the spiral shaped blade out of the silverware bucket, mkay?


Octopunk said...

Ohhhh my god, I come home after what I think of as a rough day and I read this while Jules is sleeping on the couch. I immediately apologized for her finger.

It sucks because I was really conflicted about putting that thing in there.

Siamang said...

Staunch is an awesome word.

Anonymous said...

Well, Julie, I feel your pain. Maybe I didn't bleed over it but Jeff as dishwasher stuffer always drove me crazy!!!

But love the pictures of our cutie! He is something else...sorry about the rough day you