Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Freedom From the Heat!

We've been having a pretty bad heat wave, and the Valley is always ten degrees hotter.  So it's been pretty tough.

Today, I forgot my phone, and I thought, eh, it won't matter unless I get a same day audition, and what are the odds?  Yep, got one.  Yep, missed it.  I was too busy galavanting with Zack.  Only we weren't galavanting.  I don't think you can really galavant when it's 104 degrees outside.  Our trips to SAG-AFTRA Credit Union and Trader Joe's were cut short by fussiness.  Zack's, not mine, although mine wasn't much better.

But it's a good thing, because then I got home and got my messages and realized I had no time at all to feed Zack and haul us out to Santa Monica.  So I plopped him down and gave him some yoghurt, which he loved.  He has taken to saying, "Mmmmmm," when he likes stuff, and also, "Nom nom nom!"  Just linked that to Urban Dictionary so you can see the many reasons nom nom nom cracks me up.  He really says that.

Except that Zack is a delightful cutie at all times, I was pretty peeved to have an audition.  It meant we were going to miss our little baby swim class at the YMCA.  I don't think Zack will really learn to swim in this class, because that's ridiculous.  But there are three other moms and babies I know in there, and come in, it's 104 degrees.  Plus, auditioning sucks.  I really do hate it.  Working is fun.  Auditioning is lame.

Anyway, great audition, in which Zack got to "act" like he was my baby in the back seat of my car.  Fun stuff.  He wasn't supposed to be there, but he was still fussin', and the camera guy was just cool about it.  He was like, "So, you have a baby in your car.  It could happen."  So Zack got to chew on a water bottle while I tried to park a pretend car.  I'm sure he stole the show.

And then we killed some time in Santa Monica, because oh my gosh, it's sooooo cool there.  What the hell was I ever thinking to live in California NOT by a beach?  So silly.  The breeze blew away our fussiness.  I fed Zack in the park.  He had his favorites:  broccoli and whole wheat bread.  And some jar food.  And he watched kids play.  And we met another little red headed seven-month-old named Clementine.  It's so fun to meet other red-headed babies.  Having a red head is an opportunity for people to talk to you, really.  It's kinda fun.  So I talked to these parents about how everyone talks to us about our red heads.  They were like these tattooed, rocker, Venice Beach parents.  Me likey the freaks.

Then Zack and I came home and had a perfect bed time.  They get better and better.

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Anonymous said...

Loved this post AND the picture is a classic! Fun to hear about your day! Thinking about you in the heat...yuck. Take care. Nana