Sunday, August 30, 2009

How close were the fires?

Freaky close. Yesterday, I started out on a walk with the boy, but our neighborhood smelled like a barbecue pit. So we high-tailed it to Orange for a visit to the folks, where Zack was in rare form, saying all his words, dancing, playing a rousing game of "Where's Zack?" Really fun visit.

On the way out, I saw this enormous plume of smoke and my first thought was that there must be another fire in Orange. But nope, I was seeing the fire near Glendale, all the way from Orange. I took a bunch of pictures of the gigantic plume of smoke just over the hills near Glendale. I snapped them with the iPhone while driving, which wasn't the best idea, but as you can see, I was focused more on driving than composition. I saw flames just before I changed from the 5 to the 134. Crazy.

The boy was still asleep in the car when I arrived home, so I extended the trip by driving to Target. The whole way up Vineland I was driving right into this thing.

And there it is again. Mordor encroaches upon our local Target.

Except for the fact that the world is on fire, we had a great day. We bought some necessities and then went to the YMCA for family swim. Really fun day with Zack.


DCD said...

Jeebus! That is kind of freaky-deaky.

Although the Mordor descending on Target line really cracked me up.

uhles said...

Look mommy. That one looks like and bunny and that one looks like a cloud and that one looks like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.