Sunday, August 02, 2009

Griffith Park Train Ride

Today Zack and I met Jennie and Leyla for breakfast, and then after a meandering lead by a very confused Julie, we ended up in Griffith Park near the train rides.

Zack wasn't as impressed as I would have expected, but it was just before nap time.

Jennie and Leyla

I was trying to capture the different expressions here, but the iPhone camera is a little wonky.  But I think you can see that Leyla is having the time of her life, whereas Zack is like (as Jennie said), "Frankly, the car goes faster."


Anonymous said...

Great pics -- thanks for posting them! Leyla and I had a wonderful time. (As you can see, we are both easily amused, most likely because we hardly ever go out. Thanks, too, for the excuse to get out and see LA!)

Dana's Brain said...

What a cool thing to be near!

Lovebwbs said...

What a cool thing to be near!