Sunday, August 02, 2009

Doing Mommy Double Duty

Washington usually hides behind the Lego bins.  Jeff left the kitchen gate open a couple nights ago, and I really panicked that Washington would hide someplace we'd never find him.  Jeff put flour all over the kitchen floor, and when we saw footprints, we knew he was somewhere in there.  His new hiding place turned out to be the broiler!  Jeff blocked his entrance in the back of the stove and also glued some foam core around the base of the fridge to block that hiding place.  Having to move appliances to find this guy is too much.

This is the kitty after his bath.  Holding him by the scruff makes him feel like Mommy is around.

We've had some great lap time.  He is very affectionate.

This is a love bite.  He's gentle when he plays.

Witness the cuteness.

Cuteness close up.

My new pirate kitten, eating his formula on my shoulder.

After bragging to my friend Tekla on the phone that Washington is now totally tame, I let him loose on the living room floor and immediately lost sight of him.  He's now under the couch and won't come out.  He hisses and spits.  I think it's a two person job to move him, so I'm waiting for Jeff to wake up.

We have made a lot of progress every day, though.  Yesterday I got him to come out from behind the Lego bins with just the lure of a toy.  He is such a lap cat and loves being petted, lots of purring and licking.  Really a sweety.  In some ways he is more tame already than Bridget ever was.  It's frustrating that he reverts so quickly to hiding, but it's instinct.  I still have to drag him by the scruff out for his twice daily bath and love session.  He digs it a lot, but when it's over, right back to his hiding place.

There are some cat adoption fairs around so I'm going to look into those and keep taming him.  I saw a flea on him, which is a total disaster for me.  Fleas love me better than any other animal.  I was dreading bringing any of them into the house.  He must have been way infested with them and the bath at the vet didn't get them all.  That and the litter on the floor, and the fact that when Zack naps, I have to be a mommy to the kitten....well, it's just a lot, that's all.  I'm glad I saved the little guy, but I hope we can find a place for him.

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Dana's Brain said...

He is awful cute - I can't imagine you won't find someone to take him.