Sunday, February 01, 2009

Our Wedding Party

Okay, it was a little stupid that we didn't take pictures at Christmas at my folks' place, but it was just unbelievable that we didn't take more pictures of our wedding party at Dana and Rick's.  I think we can chalk it up to fatigue.  Christmas was great this year but by this day of the trip we were pretty beat.  So we did not photograph the amazingly beautiful platters of food that Rick made.  It was a great time, though.

Zack and the red headed Tilton cousins.

Molly's the far right red head.  Her mother, Sue, told me about the genetics of red hair, which I found so interesting that I looked it up and wrote a post about it on Rational Moms.

Hanging out with Aunt Sandy and Isabelle.


Bill and Judy

Jeff, the Pied Piper, showing off his creations at Screen Novelties.

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Dana's Brain said...

Yay! I didn't take many pics either. Love the Pied Piper one, so true!