Sunday, February 01, 2009

Downtime with the DesRoches

So, um, back to our Xmas holidays....

We stayed with Dana, Rick, Maggie and Jake.  Here are some of my favorite pics.

Jake reads Brown Bear to Zack.

Jake was pretty fascinated by nursing.  He was watching Zack eat and said, "He sucks on you?"  Then he wanted to know how I made milk.  "Is it from the milk that you drink?"  Pretty smart, really.  I had to explain that I make milk out of broccoli, hamburgers, pizza, and even caramel frappucinos (well, not anymore on that last one).

Jeff wears Maggie's bows.

Maggie wears Jeff's boots.

We really had some fun with Maggie and ended up quoting her a lot when we got back:  "How 'bout...Starbucks?"  Maggie was all about, "How 'bout."  She also cracked us up when she joined in a chorus of the Baby song, which probably won't come across too well in print, but it's just a blues riff, and you sing, "Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby, Zack the baby baby baby baby baby baby baby...."  And on and on.

I wish I'd been around for this picture.  Apparently Jake had to get into his PJs while we were visiting Peter and Casey at their new house, because by the time the car ride was over, it would be bed time back at Dana's.  This pose was preceded by a very entertaining naked dance performed for Jeff and Zack.  Zack could not get enough of it.  Zack was super into Jake, so this was just one more fascinating thing that Jake was doing.  And I guess Jake said something along the lines of, "Now you can see my peanut!"  Then he donned the PJs and accessorized with this fly helmet.  Hooray for five-year-olds.

And more of Jake's awesome fashion sense here.

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Dana's Brain said...

We loved having you and selfishly loved all the good Cross family time!!

Jake also enjoyed this post!