Saturday, February 21, 2009

A classic.

Seriously, I promise Jeff is working on the Aquarium and SF pics, but this one was just so good I had to share it immediately.

Mom is feeling better today so we are very relieved.  She has a long recovery ahead of her.  Jeff called her, which really got her all emotional.  Boy, does my family love Jeff.

In other news, we had long talks on our SF drive about how to buy Julie a little more writing and alone time.  I started working on a new pilot, and days and days went by with no work completed.  Finally I realized I can't fit writing into the unused moments of my day.  I actually have to schedule it now, which I've never done, really, in spite of dire warnings from writing teachers.  I just wrote whenever the mood struck, but that's not possible anymore.  So I'm leaving Zack in daycare for a couple hours here and there, and that will be my office time.  I was really looking forward to getting that routine started this week, and then I was sick, Mom was in the hospital, and well, it didn't happen.

But I did send Jeff and Zack out to the park while I got some delicious alone time today.  I'm really going to carve out some more of that for myself.  It's a must.

And to be extra geeky about my new alone time, I cannot overstate my excitement about the Todo Iphone app, which syncs with Ical.  I mean, come on, how long did that take, and why did it cost me ten extra dollars?  But who cares.  I'm just so glad it's finally here.  I had such a great time crossing things off my list today.

AND--I downloaded Ifart.  Okay, I actually downloaded a free knockoff of Ifart.  But come on, how much do these apps rule?  I can now create shopping templates, keep track of my mileage, play a car driving game, play Scrabble (yes, Scrabble, which basically was the only reason I was holding on to my old PDA--thank you Jesus for finally getting Scrabble to the Iphone), make to do lists...and fart.  I want to kiss Steve Jobs on the mouth.

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Dana's Brain said...

That is a classic. Wonderful picture! I'm happy to hear you are carving out some you time. It is really important. Happy Mommy=Happy Family.