Thursday, September 18, 2008


The lateness of this post is beyond ridiculous, since Tami and her boyfriend Aaron came to visit LA from San Diego on 4th of July weekend. Sorry, guys!

I know both of them from Berkeley, where they were attending school and I was hanging out. They're a pair of total sweethearts. Tami was my fan club when I tried to score that Legoland job in 2006 (if you click here you can see a pic of Tami hugging a Lego Darth Vader). They were in town to see friends but demanded a little Zack time that we were only too happy to provide.

And they got us a lemur! This awesome little plush dude makes a delightful "boi-oi-oing" noise when you squeeze him. My excuse for delaying this post is that I kept meaning to take a lemur picture to go with it, and you see from the much gianter baby how long it took me to get around to it. Boing.

I shot the lemur last week and today Tami left a message saying they were coming up again, and I thought I better cowboy up and get this together. I'm sure we'll take more pictures this weekend and by the time I post those Zack will be able to beat me at thumb wrestling.

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Julie said...

He is so tiny in that carseat! And now he's five pounds away from graduating from that thing.

You can see the Leap Frog Jay and Katina got us on the car seat. I think shortly after this pic, Leap got low batteries, which made him sound like he had received hormone therapy. We meant to take some video of that--so this post is reminding me of all our big plans and how late we are. What a couple of screw ups, huh?