Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catching up

Like Jeff, I have some backlog.

I went to visit Alice, a friend from UCLA.  It was actually kind of a big day for me, because I was still figuring out how to get out of the apartment with Z.  And everything went perfectly.

This is where she lives--Malibou Lake.  It's one of my favorite spots around here.  It's about 45 minutes away, so it was quite an accomplishment to get there on my own with six-week-old Z.

This was Jessica's all female b-day party.  (Jessica helped Mike marry us later.)  In this picture we're doing this little ceremony where we all have to say something nice about Jess and hold these candles.  It started off a little queer and embarrassing but ended up pretty cool.

During the whole party, I was totally working the boho LA mom thing by carrying Z around in a sling.  In fact, a party on Echo Park hillside terrain is really the only practical use I have found for the sling.  I used to wear it around the house just to put Z to sleep, but the idea that one can accomplish household chores while wearing this thing is totally ludicrous!

Before our wedding, we walked Z to a local park to brainstorm our vows.  It got chilly, so I put this thing on him.

And he got an idea about it.

And shoved it in his mouth.


DCD said...

I totally concur about the "doing chores with baby attached" thing. I tried to do some stuff w/Mags in a Baby Bjorn when she was an infant. NOT happening.

Julie said...

Dude, just put the baby in the swing and walk away. Baby wearing is for losers and hippies!

DCD said...


jennie said...

i hope you write a blog entry about slings, julie. too funny! (in fact, i wonder if i still have your old rant about the "maya sling" and how the mayans didn't have the wheel so they couldn't get it together for a stroller?) so glad you said this, anyway, as i just re-read something in dr. sears and he made me feel bad about using the swing as a "mechanical mother." :(

Julie said...

OMG, that guy is nuts. You are an awesome mother!