Thursday, September 18, 2008

New clothes!

Since the lad's getting so large we chiseled off a slab of bigger outfits from the mountain of hand-me-downs provided by our relatives, friends and friends of relatives. Part of the fun of my day is dressing him up before we go to daycare in the morning, and then Julie gets to see what I chose when she picks him up after lunch. This ensemble above even drew rave reviews from the daycare staff. The flying saucer onesie came from Adam and Jeannette, and the Chuck-style socks were from Auntie Jules.

This spooky sleeper came from... Tara? Hmm. Julie knows but she's asleep at the moment. Anyway, we love it. If you're looking at how high those leg cuffs ride on his legs you're probably wondering if he'll fit in that thing come Halloween. We're wondering, too.

Grabbing his feet is one of his new skills.

Oh, silly me, this is another picture of the same outfit. But check out the pose he's striking. How could I withhold this cuteness from the world?

This one has cute little bears all over it, and also the word "bear" all over it, which I liked. This morning might be the last time he wears it, however, as you'll notice how both the sleeves and leg-sleeves are being outclassed.

Another close-up! I'm totally pandering to his grandparents now.

Can you see Zack in this picture? No, sorry, he's not in this picture. There have been a few beautiful early morning skies this week and I've caught some images as we head out for daycare. This is a shot down our street.


DCD said...


The first outfit is particularly adorable. I cannot believe he is not even four months old yet - since he looks like he should be talking any moment.

I also cannot wait to MEET HIM! December can't come soon enough.

Julie said...

Oh, that just made me a little sad that he hasn't met all his aunts and uncles yet.

But as for talking, he talks now! He just chats and chats and chats this awesome baby babble. The day care staff can't get over it. Teacher Elsa called him "hermosisimo," (the most beautiful) yesterday, and she said, "This one always is talking, talking."

He's kind of a trip.

Adam said...

I recognize that flying saucer onesie!

Peter said...

I know this image of the "busting out of clothes" a little too well as Mason is heading into 9 month clothing as a 4 month old! The pic of Zack with the orange chuck socks cracks me up....Typically three-quarter length sleeves and capris don't really work on dudes, but he rocks it!! So cute. ~C

Julie said...

Yeah, we're in 6 month old clothes now. I'm about to retire all his 3-6 month onesies. This week will probably be his last in those.

We also got him bigger Swaddle Mes, because he would bust out of the small ones like the Incredible Hulk.

Julie said...

Mason is such a cutie, by the way. I want to bite those big chubby cheeks!

Anonymous said...

This baby just can't be cuter! He does talk and takes in everything around him. This grandma says pander away...great pics!

Julie's Mom