Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zack's 2nd Birthday! Party prep.

Zack is two today! Here are the cupcakes we made for his daycare party, peering suspiciously out of the fridge. Does death by little teeth await them all? Yes. Yes it does.

Edited by Julie:

This is a fun snapshot our lives via our refrigerator. There's the leftover Chinese takeout, the margarita mix, Zack's beets in a tupperware container, and a bag of chocolate chips that Jeff left in his trunk, where they fused into one mega, bag shaped chip.


Julie's Mom said...

The cupcakes are Awesome!!! I'm sure the kids loved them. I still can't believe he's actually 2 years old!!!!
I just LOVE this child...and the parents are pretty darn great, too!!!

Mamma Marion said...

How cute! Happy birthday Zach! We are sad to miss your party. Wes started talking about all of you guys at the park today...and of course mentioned brown rice too.

DCD said...

Of course those cupcakes are totally awesome! I think the party is today? Hope everything is wonderful! Can't wait to see that boy in a couple of months.

DCD said...

Do you think we'll ever see any pictures from the actual party?